Guitar Lessons


1. HOW TO USE A DIGITAL TUNER – Use technology to tune your instrument quickly and easily.
2. TUNE BY EAR! – Many guitarists are lost without a digital tuner today but what happens if your batteries die? Learn a foolproof method of tuning.
3. EASY CHORDS FIRST – Unlike many teachers, Anthony teaches the easiest chords first – building momentum and confidence which quickly leads to success!
– Learning to strum accurately and expressively can be a challenge but Anthony will teach you step by step how to achieve the results you want.
5. ACCOMPANY YOURSELF – Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pull out your acoustic guitar and sing your favourite songs – at a party, a campfire, or just for fun?
6. HEALTHY TECHNIQUE – Don’t end up with carpel tunnel! Learn to play in a relaxed, healthy way.
7. CHORD TRANSITIONS – One of the trickiest skills guitarists must learn is how to move smoothly from chord to chord without hesitation. Anthony will show you how – even while you’re singing!
8. ACCESSORIES – How does a Capo work? The best strings for beginners? Guitar picks? …and more!
9. THEORY – Don’t just learn HOW but also WHY! Understanding the inner workings of chords will help solidify your guitar skills and build your confidence as a musician.
10. PERFORMANCE – Twice a year, Anthony’s students have the chance to perform in a live concert. This gives musicians a goal to work towards and builds valuable performance experience.

LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR – Acoustic Guitar For Fun & Creativity!

Pick-on-Acoustic-Guitar-Strings-150-x-150-Airdrie-Calgary-GuWould you like to learn how to play guitar so you can play your favourite tunes or even write your own songs?

The guitar is one of the easiest instruments for the average person to learn but, the truth is that, it does take effort. But it will help you greatly if you study with a coach who can save you from wasting time and becoming frustrated.

Anthony has taught many students to play this rewarding instrument but his approach is somewhat unconventional – he teaches the easiest chords first! This may sound logical but most teachers don’t teach this way!

Anthony’s focus is on building momentum. By learning easy chords first, students feel a sense of accomplishment early on and this builds CONFIDENCE! In turn, this confidence inspires more practice. Practicing creates results. Getting results builds confidence! And confidence inspires… Are you starting to get the picture?

To book your spot, call Anthony at 403-945-1589.

Don’t wait – book now. This is your chance to study with Anthony Burbidge who will guide you in discovering the joy of playing your favourite songs (and even writing your own) using the acoustic guitar.

PLEASE NOTE: space is very LIMITED. Because Anthony Burbidge a sought after teacher, he will only be accepting a limited number of students per semester.

Teaching/Recording Studio conveniently located in Airdrie’s beautiful Baysprings community.

Contact Anthony Burbidge at: 403-945-1589 or